Communist Left (NZ) Programme -1983.

1 The Historic Task

The Communist Left of New Zealand is a revolutionary organisation which as part of the international movement is committed to building the party that will lead the working class to achieve a dictatorship of the proletariat transitional to communism in Australasia and the Pacific as part of the world socialist revolution.

The productive forces of our time have outgrown not only the bourgeois forms of property relationships but also the boundaries of national states. Liberalism and nationalism have both become fetters upon the further development of the world economy. The world proletarian revolution is directed both against private property and against the national splitting-up of the world economy. The socialist revolution, in abolishing wage slavery will abolish the division of society into classes and all social and political inequality therefrom.

The path to this goal lies throught the smashing of the entire capitalist state, its army, its police, and its bureaucracy leading to its replacement by a new form of state which, from the moment of its inception, will begin to wither away. This new form of state constitutes the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Faced with the trend to proletarian revolution ona world scale, promising under world communism to end all poverty, all political and economic oppression and all war, raising all humanity to the level of an Aristotle, a Goethe, or a Marx, a society where the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all, capitalism in its most moribund stage, imperialism, can respond only by moves toward fascism and global war – threatening an international nuclear holocaust to maintain the bourgeoisie as the ruling class. The increasingly naked barbarism of a reactionary and parasitic world imperialism must accelerate the building of the world party of socialism.

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William Keats said...

I was recruited by Owen Gager in 1975 to what became the Communist Left in 1976. I was involved in discussions concerning the CL/A Programme which the CL/NZ one was based.I was recruited on the basis of support for a Fifth International which was Owen's position. I do not recall in any document any attempt at any time to "reconstruct the Fourth International" The CL/A programme dies not mention any attempt to reconstruct the FI, on the contrary! It explicitely rejects the idea!
I do not believe CL ever had such a position. Could you please explain
Bill Keats Communist Left Australia